Guide to Retro Game Hunting in Japan – My Hard Off Strategy

This is an article I originally wrote in 2017 on a trip to Japan. In Summer 2022 as the end of the Japanese travel restrictions are in sight, I wanted to move this article to our new blog. The information is still relevant: open google maps and go. You will have a great time.

I recommend you follow my favorite Hard Off hunter on Twitter: The man tours Japan, going by plane, train and ferry to find Hard Off stores.

There are quite a few articles online talking about Akihabara and a few more about Hard Off stores and which ones to look at. My article is rather more of a strategy guide, this is how I go retro game hunting.… Read the rest

Tell Him He’s Dreamin’ – CRT Prices in Estonia – 27.04.2022

This is a new series of posts where I show some of the more interesting and more outrageous online CRT sales in Estonia. Where I live it is still possible to get a good deal on a local CRT, but there are more and more dreamers popping up who think that a TV is worth 50, 75 or even 100€. There are a few hardcore retro gamers like myself in Estonia but come on guys, you are not sitting on the next investment, just be happy someone is hauling that thing away for you.

This week I am very happy to say I found no terrible deals! Each CRT I found was a reasonable price, I mean if you think 30€ is reasonable for a dusty AF 14 inch Trinitron.… Read the rest