Crackhead PVM, Insurance Fraud & Market Manipulation w/ 8-bit Esquire – Cathode Ray Podcast #29

The Cathode Ray Podcast is a series with CRT shaman Steve from Retro Tech and Louis Zezeran from Zez Retro. Together we talk about CRTs, TVs and other retro gaming topics.

In this episode we speak to Twitter funny guy the 8-bit Esquire. An attorney by day and big old retro gaming fan by night, the 8-bit Esquire has a great collection and a bunch of good stories to go along with it.

This podcast starts as a casual chat between friends and gets louder the more beers that Louis drinks.

00:00 Start
01:00 The background of the 8-bit Esquire
07:00 Where did his retro collection start?
12:00 The origin of Steve’s collection
18:00 Is now the right time to sell into the market?
27:00 U-Ship is the best for CRTs
31:00 Steve is manipulating the market for sure
36:00 Buying a PVM from a crackhead
50:00 Time to sue UPS?
1:00:30 Steve witnesses insurance fraud
1:12:00 Why do we need insurance salespeople in 2022??
1:20:00 Louis likes to mess with sales people
1:32:00 8-Bit Esquires arcade stick collection
1:41:00 Steve blacks out the neighborhood
1:47:00 Louis stole computer magazines as a kid