Latest MiSTer S-Video & Composite Update w/ Lu’s Retro Source

Big news this week that the S-Video MiSTer FPGA framework from Mike Simone has been integrated into the main MiSTer core. This means you can access EXCELLENT S-Video and Composite analog output using a fairly inexpensive adapter.

In this video I talk with Lu from Lu’s Retro Source and I have a long form discussion about the framework and explain the ins and outs. Lu is also producing his own short, sharp, only-the-facts video coming very soon if you need to understand quickly.

Topics include

  • Background on the S-Video MiSTer project
  • Do you NEED an adapter at all?
  • Explanation of the new vga_mode setting in the mister.ini
  • Difference between Active and Passive YC adapters
  • Whats up PAL / NTSC?
  • Vendors selling adapters (full list below)

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Note: In this video and text we use the terms “YC” and “S-Video” interchangeably.
Also note: This YC topic is VERY new. If we got something wrong or could explain a topic better, please let us know in the comments

0:00 Start
2:30 Summary of the S-Video & Composite updates to MiSTer
3:30 Background of the YC project by Mike Simone
8:00 Getting good YC without any adapter is possible
10:30 Explanation of the new video framework and the vga_mode=svideo ini setting
18:30 What about cores/systems which never originally output 15khz?
21:40 vga_mode=cvbs is a beta of composite output without needing an adapter
23:00 Buy an adapter or make your own with cables?
25:30 Active and Passive YC adapters, what is the difference?
31:00 Neither of us have done testing on direct video yet
33:00 Why do some adapters have a PAL / NTSC switch?
41:00 Why are vendors selling their own slightly different versions of the adapter?
44:00 Just how good is the YC & composite? Pretty f**ken good!
50:00 Overview of YC adapter vendors

Vendor list
(that we know of, pls contact me if you find another)

Antonio Vilena
Active YC Adapter
Direct Video switch: No
PAL / NTSC switch: Yes
USB-C power: No (draws power only from 5v on pin 9)
Location: EU

Mister Addons
Active YC Adapter – $35
Direct Video switch: Yes
PAL / NTSC switch: No
USB-C power option: Yes
Location: US

Ultimate Mister
Passive YC Adapter – 16,90€
Direct Video switch: Yes
PAL / NTSC switch: Yes
USB-C power option: No (Not required for passive)
Location: EU

eBay seller 7407chrisl
Passive YC Adapter – $19.99
Active YC Adapter – $29.99
Direct Video switch: Yes
PAL / NTSC switch: Yes
USB-C power option: Yes
Location: US