Repairing CRTs w/ Andy King – Cathode Ray Podcast #27

The Cathode Ray Podcast is a series with CRT shaman Steve from Retro Tech and Louis Zezeran from Zez Retro. Together we talk about CRTs, TVs and other retro gaming topics.

In this episode we talk to Andy King. Andy runs where he documents his work to repair and service CRTs. Andy also has a lot of experience RGB modding consumer sets and his website is one of the best resources available for that.

Andy runs a small CRT repair service based out of Northern California. If you are interested in his services, please reach out to him at

2 thoughts on “Repairing CRTs w/ Andy King – Cathode Ray Podcast #27

  1. Any advice you can provide about repairing (more of a refurbish) for my GDM-FW9011? I am located in Eastern Pennsylvania.

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