RetroNAS, installing networking cable, writing for RetroRGB – Cathode Ray Podcast #13

Today, Steve and I released the latest episode of the Cathode Ray Podcast. This week it is just Steve and I chatting about what we have been up to in the last week and telling stories about retro computing back in the day.

Check out the episode on YouTube, listen to the podcast on the web or check your podcast app.

0:00 Start
0:30 Steve’s surname, come on
10:30 Should you choose that OLED PVM over a modern OLED?
22:30 Using RetroNAS with a PS2
27:30 Making your own network cables
29:30 Installing network cable in my university share house
41:30 Running a small tech support shop in 2001
52:20 Steve’s experience in writing articles for RetroRGB
01:03:00 Our thoughts on the direction Bob is taking RetroRGB

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