Tell Him He’s Dreamin’ – CRT Prices in Estonia – 11.04.2022

I decided to start a new segment where I wrap up local CRT offers in Estonia (the country where I live). You can still get some good bargains here but seeing more and more offers having their go at high prices. I keep track of these and I am happy to say the high priced units stay on sale for ages, which tells me the market is not adjusting to these prices.

The segment name is from the classic Australian movie “The Castle”. The Kerrigan family are the Australian patron saints of getting a good deal.

Ok lets look through this weeks deals

Interesting Samsung TV and VHS combo. I have the 14 inch version of this and it’s nothing special beside being a combo unit. Still, its cool and for 18€ a collector might want it

Did you know Nokia used to make TV’s back in the day? The “Buy it Now” price of 30€ is too much for me to haul this average set away but at least it has a small starting price

This is a great set and if I owned a car (and needed more CRTs) I’d definitely go pick it up. I have the 14 and 20 inch versions of this screen. I used to have this 29 inch version but that melted in my car fire. I would love the set of three sizes again but hey, space. This is my pick of the week.

Runner up this week is this black Trinitron going for 50€. Way to much and I think those black models are very boring. Nice big screen but 50€ and I bet I’d need to walk up 5 levels of your Khrushchyovka apartment which doesn’t have an elevator?

For sure the person selling this lives on the top floor of an apartment block which looks like this. It’s called Khrushchyovka because they were built during the 60’s in the Soviet Union under the direction of Nikita Khrushchev. Later versions include an elevator but it’s still nothing you want to get into. Or could fit a 19 inch CRT.

And the winner of this weeks “dreamin'” award goes to…..

75€ for this silver Trinitron is highway robbery. Viimsi is the rich people’s suburb and the guy has a whole description about how its great for retro because it’s 50hz and works with light guns. All true but for 75€, you are dreamin’ mate

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