Tell Him He’s Dreamin’ – CRT Prices in Estonia – 27.04.2022

This is a new series of posts where I show some of the more interesting and more outrageous online CRT sales in Estonia. Where I live it is still possible to get a good deal on a local CRT, but there are more and more dreamers popping up who think that a TV is worth 50, 75 or even 100€. There are a few hardcore retro gamers like myself in Estonia but come on guys, you are not sitting on the next investment, just be happy someone is hauling that thing away for you.

This week I am very happy to say I found no terrible deals! Each CRT I found was a reasonable price, I mean if you think 30€ is reasonable for a dusty AF 14 inch Trinitron.

Lets start with something nice, it seems to be a large, late model flat screen Trinitron for free from some nice Russian speaking folks. It has been listed for 15 weeks so maybe it’s not current. I would say from experience that most old CRTs are coming from pleasant Russian speaking people in Mustamäe or Lasnamäe. In my experience it’s usually the Estonian’s who think they are sitting on the next Skype investment.

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Next up a big ass Samsung TV which sold for 1€. Not a bad deal!

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Speaking of Samsung, this CRT keeps coming up time and time again. I guess they just can’t get rod of it! Appears to be a 20 inch Samsung screen and I think this would be great for anyone looking for a retro gaming monitor. I have (had? I don’t remember) the 14 inch version of this as my first gaming CRT and I had a great time. I think it’s not being sold because the seller is in Haapsalu, which is about 1 hours drive from Tallinn.

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In my last article I reported on this nice 20 inch TV & VHS combo going for 18€. Sadly, no one took the offer 🙁

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And speaking of TV & VHS combos, this is my pick of the week. This cute 14 inch combo unit would be perfect for your compact retro setup. I just bought a standalone Sony VHS & DVD unit, otherwise I would love to have this in my man cave. 15€ for this is a very fair price.

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More of a DVD & CRT person yourself? Here is a nice little combo if you don’t have much space. The major draw back is that this is some no-name brand “Time” unit. I dare say this was produced quite late in the lifespan of CRTs, in a time when the quality units from big names has basically dropped off and we mostly had these cheaper unknown brands. I don’t think I have “time” for this unit.

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Ok now we are in the meat and potatoes of this week’s list, the dreamers who are thinking they are going to get a high price for their big plastic paper weight.

Someone has found this old Finlux TV sitting in the storage room and decided that it clearly must be worth 33€. Finlux is an old brand of Finnish electronics that I think Nokia eventually bought(?). This is a really old model and I was genuinely surprised to see a SCART plug on the back. Why would I want one of these when there are literally free Trinitrons above? If retro gamers don’t want your CRT, remind me who else would want this?

The description of this set is great too, I’ll add a rough translation

Absolutely working. Fully decent THING. Insanely heavy weight. The best possible bidder will pick up the TV within 7 days from the end of the auction to the time it was purchased, then quickly get out of here.

note: the seller capitalized “thing” himself.


33€? DREAMIN’!

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My number one dreamer of the week is this bloke trying to sell his old HD CRT for 50€. Now I know you retro gamers in the USA would be like “50 bucks for a HD CRT, that’s amazing”. However, fortunately for our back-pain-from-lifting-CRTs hospital bills, we are over here in socialist Europe. It’s a Phillips and it’s taking up a corner of your apartment mate. I can see that crap old wallpaper, for sure you are living 5 stories up. Remember, something is only worth what someone is willing to pay. Someone with the ability to carry this away (again sorry my American friends who might jump at this).

Why start at 50€? If your set is really worth that much, let the free market decide and the auction will get there naturally. Do you expect a bidding war to start at this amount?

Also did they not see there was another Phillips 32 inch widescreen CRT which failed to sell for 13€?

This guy earns this week “Tell Him He’s Dreamin'” award.

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