The business case for buying 25 HUGE CRTs – Cathode Ray Podcast #44

Last week a lot of 25 x new old stock 27″ JVC CRTs went up for gov auction in DC. This sounds like a great chance to pickup a rare find, however dealing with TWENTY FIVE VERY BIG screens is more work than it seems.

In this podcast Steve breaks down the total cost of picking up this lot including everything from transport, storage, inspection and buyers fees. The final cost will surprise you!

This is the deal in question:

We also have a talk about official video cables. Are first party officially licensed original cables always the best? Did any console vendors ever pack in crappy cables? Tell us in the comments!

0:00 Start
1:30 Steve got an MRI
8:30 Shipping CRTs is a nightmare!
9:30 Louis sold that rare GameCube controller
17:30 Do you like the N64 controller?
20:30 Are official video cables always the gold standard??
38:30 25 CRT lot business cost breakdown
1:06:00 Need a CRT in NYC? Go to Brooklyn Video Games!