Tinting BVMs & the German CRT wizard w/ John Linneman

In this episode Steve and I are joined by John Linneman from Digital Foundry & Eurogamer to discuss CRTs.

A few weeks ago John posted a picture of his project to apply tinting (like a car window) to the screen of his BVM to reduce glare. John tells us the story behind this mission and we find out this latest successful effort has only come after years of trial and error.

We also talk about issues involving European CRTs: just what is an 100hz CRT anyway and how living in the East or West back in the day very much determined what TV you were watching.

I apologize for the bad video of John. Our filming app Riverside screwed up his footage and it was out of sync. Thankfully they do have a low res backup version which was in sync. The audio is solid, I used Adobe’s beta tool to enhance vocals and it has worked VERY well

0:00 Start
1:30 John’s journey to get into CRTs – did he ever leave?
10:01 Applying tint to a BVM
24:55 Visiting the German CRT wizard for maintenance
29:30 CRTs back in the day in West Germany vs East Germany
38:30 John explains what 100hz sets in Europe
47:00 What is scan velocity modulation (SVM) in a CRT?
57:00 Whats that PCMCIA looking card slot on some BVMs?
1:00:30 John explains his process for recording a CRT screen

Follow John on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dark1x
Follow his work on Digital Foundry: https://youtu.be/bEw2szyHZNQ