Webhdx – Creator of the PicoBoot GameCube mod – Cathode Ray Podcast #30

30 episodes!

We are really happy to have Webhdx, creator of the Picoboot Gamcube mod chip. His real name is Maciej Kobus and he comes from Katowice in Poland.

A software guy by day, he fell in love with the GameCube hardware and has come up with some great projects. After Picoboot, we talk about his upcoming M2.Loader, which will allow an M2 SSD to be plugged in under your console. In the episode I ask Maciej “Why an M2? Just because it fits?” and his answers show he has really thought these things out.

He also has created his own aftermarket Wavebird receiver which he is almost ready to manufacture however the global parts storage is still a roadblock.

0:00 Start
01:10 Introduction to Maciej
07:00 Big GameCube fan
17:50 How did development of the PicoBoot start?
23:33 Why does PicoBoot use a Raspberry Pi Pico?
28:33 His reaction to scammers posing at him for donations
30:45 Maciej clarifies his view on PicoBoot AliExpress sellers
36:00 Will RPi Pico W be targeted for future versions of PicoBoot?
40:00 Why not some other (insert random board here)?
42:00 PicoBoot install FAQ
45:00 Getting modders onboard for the PicoBoot’s launch
49:00 Upcoming M2.Loader for GameCube
1:00:10 Is there anything you can do to make it harder for cloners?
1:01:58 Wii Mini mods
1:04:09 He wants to manufacture new products in his home country of Poland
1:09:41 His also upcoming Wavebird receiver replacement

Follow Wehhdx: https://twitter.com/webhdx

The Picoboot, affordable modchip for the GameCube: https://github.com/webhdx/PicoBoot