Converting RGBHV to RGBs for the GBS-Control

The GBS-Control (GBS-C) is an amazing piece of affordable hardware. For around 30 bucks worth of parts, I have a good scaler which does the job for me. It also has excellent down-scaling to 240p which I was hoping to take advantage to hook up a more modern image to a 15khz CRT.

The GBS-Control has a quirk due to it being based on off the self hardware. It only outputs RGBHV, not RGBs. You can enable an experimental component output mode, but for my purposes I need that RGB out.

Whats the difference between RGBHV and RGBs? How the sync signal is encoded. The VGA standard says that sync is carried across 2 wires, one for horizontal sync and the other for vertical sync.… Read the rest

Sony OLED PVM-1741

Several weeks ago I got the chance to rent and test a Sony OLED PVM-1741. I had been working at a large live event and found one of these sitting in the technicians backstage. My eyes were instantly drawn to it. From the front it clearly has the shape and lines of a CRT PVM / BVM but it’s flat!

In this video I take a quick look at the screen to see if it’s good for retro gaming purposes. However, beware! This is a 17 inch, VERY high quality OLED screen and while it was produced in 2011 (thats 11 years ago as I write this), it is still a very relevant and usable screen in professional environments. That means it’s price isn’t going down anytime soon.… Read the rest