Shipping Large CRTs

It’s 2022 and the biggest challenge facing CRT enthusiasts remains servicing and maintaining their highly valuable analog display sets.  Nowadays there are not many CRT service shops around, and if you do find one more than likely they will not be in your area.  This leaves you with a difficult decision.  Should you pack up your CRT in your vehicle and drive 500 miles each way to the nearest CRT shop?  That is the safest option, but it takes lots of time and leaves you with the costs to travel.  It puts a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle too. 

The other option may be scarier to think about.  Should you ship your CRT to a shop?  This sounds easy and will save a lot of time, but it will cost a lot. … Read the rest

Sony OLED PVM-1741

Several weeks ago I got the chance to rent and test a Sony OLED PVM-1741. I had been working at a large live event and found one of these sitting in the technicians backstage. My eyes were instantly drawn to it. From the front it clearly has the shape and lines of a CRT PVM / BVM but it’s flat!

In this video I take a quick look at the screen to see if it’s good for retro gaming purposes. However, beware! This is a 17 inch, VERY high quality OLED screen and while it was produced in 2011 (thats 11 years ago as I write this), it is still a very relevant and usable screen in professional environments. That means it’s price isn’t going down anytime soon.… Read the rest