Rebuilding a Sony PVM 1344Q CRT from 1992

One aspect of running a CRT repair shop is having a stock of random parts salvaged from machines that are unrepairable. I have a large “graveyard” of CRT parts from mostly Sony Trinitron PVMs. Recently I traded for a rough Sony PVM 1344Q from 1992. This monitor was filthy and had a number of issues. In short, the PVM needed a replacement bezel, shell, cleaning, and numerous other parts replaced and repaired. The CRT tube was replaced with a new tube in 2001, but it was not installed properly and produced a terrible image. The deflection yoke will need to be reseated and adjusted. You can see a full inspection of this monitor here: Is this Monitor trash?! | The Sony PVM 1344Q CRT Inspection – YouTube

I searched through my “graveyard” of used Sony PVM parts and found a shell, bezel and plenty of other donor parts from a Sony PVM 1342Q that was donated after the tube and mainboards failed beyond repair.… Read the rest