Lag Testing a Theater Grade Projector

As part of my day job, I present Stand Up comedy events and occasionally we get to work with some well known names. In this case it was two nights of the John Cleese show in Tallinn. You know, Monty Python Cleese, it was a pleasant experience to get to spend some time with a legend. It was like hanging out with comedy grandpa telling us stories of the old days.

On the second day the theater was setup and no preparation was needed in the afternoon. That is a ~1700 seat theater with a big rear projection screen setup and technicians on hand to help me. Why let that go to waste, I thought I would lag test the projector and then connect my MiSTer and play a few rounds in a unique environment.… Read the rest

Lag Test Your Controller – MiSTer FPGA Input Latency Tester

This is the MiSTer FPGA input latency tester, basically its a lag test for your controller. It’s a homebrew device you can build yourself from an Arduino Pro Micro and a few cables. The test results are extremely accurate, down to fractions of a millisecond. If you have ever used the MiSTer Input Latency controller lag time database, those results were produced by this device.

I made a video about this project and below you can find the same instructions in written form.

The downside to this project is you will need to solder onto each controller you want to test. The Arduino needs a way to fire the button presses and we do that by connecting two wires onto the controllers PCB.… Read the rest

How To Hook Up MiSTer FPGA S-Video & Composite – The cables you need for the new YC cores

I made a video about it which I will embed here however, below that I wanted to give the same information but in written form.

With the advent of the tremendous new S-Video cores from Mike Simone, we can now get native S-Video (and by extension, composite) video from the MiSTer’s analog IO board. The goal of this guide is to help you understand how the cores output S-Video and show you a range of options for how you could hook this up to your TV. At the time of writing the project is still a work in progress, so this information could change over time.

As I explain at the end of the article, when the project is released then Mike will also be releasing designs for a low cost open source dongle which which will handle most of these steps for you.… Read the rest