Martin Hejnfelt joins the Podcast

Robotics engineer by day and CRT hacker by night, Martin Hejnfelt joins the Cathode Ray Podcast.  He discusses his newest projects, such as the BKM Controller Replacements for the Sony BVM A series monitors.  He also goes over all of his past CRT projects such as the Sony BKM 68x and Sony BKM 129x clone cards and the JVC RGBS hacks he has performed and documented on his blog site.  We talk about Martin’s passions that drive him to work on electronics, and how everything started with the Commodore 64.  We also talk about CRT nostalgia, good beer, and odd toilets. 

To see Martin’s work, please his website:  immerhax

CRP with Martin Hejnfelt: BVM Input cards, CRTs in Europe & Japanese toilets w/ Martin Hejnfelt – Cathode Ray Podcast #12 – YouTube

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