Retro FOMO & Whacky CRTs w/ Shank Mods – Cathode Ray Podcast #19

In this episode we have the pleasure of chatting with Shank from Shank Mods. You know him from that Hot Wheels PC video, GameCube Joy-cons and creating a portable Wii, among many other great portable modding projects.

Shank Mods on YouTube

Our talk is a really casual chat with Shank about the mods he does, his love of CRTs and more details on 4 Layer Technologies, the company he co-founded to provide components to enable more people to create portable systems

00:00 Start
02:20 The impact of his videos on our fomo
08:30 Shank’s trip to the Computer Reset Warehouse
13:00 More talk about CRTs
27:10 The potential in HD CRTs
34:30 Time Sleuth hijinks
47:00 Buying pro and jank monitors from eBay
55:00 Shank’s love of whacky CRTs: Shrek, Disney, Hot Wheels
1:04:00 Moving from CRTs to flat panels for Melee back in the day
1:14:00 Shank’s home setup
1:25:00 Shank’s PVM 20M2 repairs
1:31:00 His business “4 Layer Technologies” and their portable Wii kit

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